Family Get-togethers and Social Gathering in Pune

Ram Ram Sa!

Today, celebrating functions, occasions or family get-togethers at home is a thing of the past. People are always on the lookout for enjoyable and entertaining social gathering spots in Pune. Chokhi Dhani Pune comes in as an innovative concept with village theme entertainment and authentic rajasthani vegetarian restaurant – an apt venue for family get-togethers or social gathering in Pune.

Located on the outskirts of Pune, Chokhi Dhani offers fun, food, and entertainment in unique rajasthani village theme. The dotted machans and platforms for folk dances and music, fresh and pure ambience, vast expanses of green lawns, tree top houses, rides and games zone, live music and dance – Chokhi Dhani Pune makes your evening joyous and fun filled.

A family entertainment concept in rajasthani theme, Chokhi Dhani has attractions for all age groups and generations of people - from grandparents to grandchildren. You are totally relieved of finding ways to keep your guests entertained in your family get-together at Pune. Forget taking care of a lot of arrangements, menu or games to make your family get-together or social gathering a success – leave it to us, experts in hospitality and entertainment. At Chokhi Dhani Pune, you simply relax and enjoy your family get-together with every one – an innovative social gathering spot in Pune with the convenience of venue, dining, and added entertainment.

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Be our honoured GUEST, not host in the birthday parties, marriage anniversaries, family re-unions, or kitty parties we organize for you at Chokhi Dhani, the ultimate spot for social gatherings in Pune!